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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

shhhhhhhh!! Silence!

I always wondered why there are some letters silent in some words.
For ex: H is silent in "Honest", "Exhaust" etc., especially when it comes to "E", it is always silent at the end of most words.
For ex: Cane, Wake, Schedule, the list goes on.
I want to know the reason, I was surfing the net to find it out. It's said that's difficult to pronounce in some "H" words and in the case of "E" it's said that when vowels stand alone they are silent. My question is why do you have to put a vowel in such case? Is there any problem to leave them alone? Or do they too believe in numerology?

Thursday, October 15, 2009


These days TeleVision shows are more helpful for learning languages. Kids pick them very easily, esp., through Nick Jr.
They really concentrate on 2 languages. Good job!
Yesterday I gave my daughter her favourite candy, she said, "Xie Xie, Amma" means "Thank you" in Chinese. I was surprised, she is asking me a reply in chinese, naan athukku thiru thirunnu mulichuttu aetho apapo avaloda saernthu paartha voru sila episodes gnabagathukku vara, "Bu ka qi" nnu volarinaen.
Summa viduvaangala, vudanae ennai correct panni, "búyòngxiè" apadinnnu sonnal. Enakku apavum vonnum puriyellai, aetho athu ithunnu samalichittu net la poi thaan ava sonnathukku reply paarthaen, adutha thadavai correcta sollanum illai.
Antha maathiri vovuru translation paarkkum pothu namma mozhi patrulla, English - Tamil meaning paarkum pothu athirchi, enna theriyuma, Englishla "Hi" nna Tamila "Alo" vaama.
Enna kodumai Aandavaraey ithu!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Achamundu Achamundu!

A friend of mine suggested me to see this amazing movie while we were talking about protection for kids. I was scared to see this movie in the beginning because, chumma manasai pottu kuzhapikka vaendamnu thaan. Aerkanavae US la, "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" paarthuttu theruvula poravanga varavangalai ellam paarthu santhaegam varuthu. Irunthaalum antha padathula apadi enna thaan irukkunnu voru curiosity. Padam paathathukappuram avangalukku thanks sollanumnu thonuchu, its such a wonderul film, ellarum paarka vaendiya film, kuripa veli naatula irukaravanga kandippa paarkanum.
Summa solla koodathu, US lifea avlo azhagha director Arun Vaidhiyanathan prethibalichirukaaru. Anga irukara vovoru family kittaeyum poi interview edutha maathiri irukku. Grocery shoppingla irunthu birthday party varaikkum, it's perfect.
Prasanna and Sneha acted so perfectly, definetly I should mention about the little girl, she had done a very good job in the climax. Should appreciate the painter, John Shea, he gave such wonderful expressions in his eyes.
I've seen many houses in US, they have the name of the security system board outside. I don't understand one thing, isn't it a warning for the burglar's to get alert? What if, he catches the owner outside and blackmails him to switch of the security system? Trust me, I've even seen a problem like this in one hollywood movie, "Firewall", starring "Harrison Ford".
Ennai kaetaal I'll give advice to all the alarm systems have a secret code for these kind of black mails, in case if the owner gives that code, it'll be a warning for them and send help immediately. Chumma phone panni," we received a call are u alright?" apadinnu kaetkaama intha code paarthavudanaey prechanainnu purinjukanum, epadi enoda idea?
I will recommend our Sandrabullock's, SING from the movie, "Miss.Congeniality" to every house wife, that is perfect. I know if someone attacks you all of a sudden it's impossible for you to follow all these. Try to remember, the kid in this movie does that.
Athey maathiri cleaning lady, maintenance guy apadinnu veettu keya copy panni kodukarathula enakku vudan paadu illai.
Intha padam ellarukkum voru nalla paadam. Kandippa ellarum paarka vaendiya padam.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Film by Aravind!

After reading R-ambam's blog on "Dhik..Dhik", I was curious about the film, "A film by Aravind". Epavo, Sun TV, "Thirai Maalai" la paartha gnabagam vanthuchu, apavae antha padathoda climax therinjakanumnu aasai pataen. Naaladaivil athu maranthaey pochu.
R-ambam's blog, marapadiyum athai gnabagathukku kondu vara, en blogil, "A film by Aravind".
Summa solla koodathu, padam attagaasamana thriller. Kadaisi varaikkum paey padama illai Psycho storyaannu theriyama kondu poraanga. Ithu ellathukum maela, aen intha kolai ellam nadakathu, yaar ithai ellam seira apadinnu konjam kooda yugikka mudiyella. It keeps you at the edge of your seat.
"Rishi", ithu namma hero.Engaeyo paartha mugamnu paartha, namma tamilla "Richard" apadingara paerla vanthavaru, Shaliniyoda annan. Nalla nadichirukaaru.
Ellarumae nalla act panni irukaanga.
R-ambam blogil, "athukulla antha culprit, paeyaa... pisaasaa... illa neraiya ponds powder poatutu vantha oru ponnaanu theriyala ,"
Athukkagavae, climax varumbothu, vuthu gavanichaen.
"voraey sirippu"., aaenna antha powder poosina ponnu, "neenga TVla paartha psycho killer naan thaan" apadinnu solluchu. Enavo intha mega serialla nadicha ponnu naan thaan apadinnu introduce pannikara maathiri irunthuthu.
Full padam concentrate panna director climaxla aetho avasara velai vanthutta maathiri avasara avasaramma edutha maathiri irukku.
Mathappadi intha padam voru nalla thriller.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Depression hurts!

One day, my cousin called me and said, "Don't panic, I have a news about our neighbor, she was missing and later they found her dead in the nearby lake, they enquired her husband the reason, he said she was under medication for depression". I was shocked (even though it was a late reaction).Not only this incident I hear a lot about suicides these days, to my surprise, they are all Indians.
People go abroad with great many expectations and when they find out there's nothing spl, of course sight seeing is one major entertainment other than that, you got a lot of work to do, esp.., the one with kids. They are depressed doing the same work everyday, missing their parents and their dear ones.
The main thing that affects them is hearing any good news like weddings or any other functions in our country. They miss everything from India. I know that hurts a lot, especially for housewives, they keep on thinking about it, while doing their chores. My request to their husbands are, whenever you notice your wife getting depressed or any change in activity, before taking her to a doctor, better take a vacation.
Take her to the place where she'll enjoy the most, talk to her while traveling, listen to her. Do this once a month. Every weekend download her favorite movies, even if it bores you, sit with her and ask her the favorite part. Try to play with kid, chat with her in kitchen, and do the dishes not much, but a few glasses or plates just once a week will do. Give her some time for herself.
If she is upset about something, ask her not to do any work including cooking take her out to dinner or order a take out. Talk to her. Encourage her hobbies, even if you feel they are waste of money or stupid, its worth than spending your Doctor's fees. If she doesn't have any hobby, if you know her very well and married for more than a year by now you would've discovered her field of interests. Join her in any class, these days, meditation and yoga are becoming popular in foreign countries (I think they are not expensive); join her in one of those things.
I know it's pretty hard for the partners to follow, since you are all stressed too. You do all your office work, but you atleast have the change of environment in your office. It’s not the same for her. She does the same thing everyday. Try being in home for two days without going out, not talking to anyone and simply watching TV, you'll feel bored too.

For depressed wives, don’t react to your emotions, try to handle them with care. Engage yourself with other things. Try to surf the net, stop saying "I know nothing to look for". Learn new things. I believe every girl has a hobby, try to find your's. You can learn a lot through internet when you are abroad. We are all grown ups, try not to bother your husband much. He is also stressed like you. It doesn’t mean you should conceal your feelings, try to talk to him and make him understand. He won’t listen in the beginning but don’t give up. You can share your feelings through blogs. Even if you are not interested in books, try going to the library everyday, you’ll find new friends.
Break away your shyness and learn new things that you couldn’t do in your country, for example, swimming. I think 25% of the Indian girls don’t know how to swim, because of their shyness.
“Namma vooru ponnunga morathaala puliyai adichu viratanavanga intha depression ellam emmathiram”
Try to follow this for a month. If you are still stressed and depressed, get an appointment with the doctor without delay.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


"Paalaivanthula pazhaiya sorum panchamirtham" apdingra maathiri.Tamil Cinema kidaikaatha idathula aetho voru padam paartha pothum, apdinnu ninachu naan paartha Tamil padam, "Silambaatam".

Padam paarthuttu irukum pothu, intha padathai pathi , "no comments!" apadinnu sollanumnu ninachaen.Aanal padam paarka paarka, vungakitta ithai share pannikanumnu thonathin vilaivu, "en blogil Silambaatam".

Brahmana aathu paiyanna vara namma Simbu vukku, thaan thaan manmathannu ninappu.,thambi Simbu, naan vonnu solraen, nee nalla thaan paarkarathukku irukae, athai vothukarom aanal summa ella padathulaiyum nee manmathunnu sollikittu irunthaan vunoda image padum damage!

Heroine,Sanakhan, she is pretty and waste for this movie.So lets say she is pretty waste in this movie.She dances well. Sneha, she is cute! I didn't know these two will form an excellent pair. I have to say I liked Simbhu after interval in this movie. Every night, Simbhu and Sneha are meeting in a train. I don't know one thing, voru night koodava, Sneha veetla, ponnu irukaalannu paarka maatanga? Enna sollunga, cinema apadingarathunalum, ipadiya!

Sneha, I have an advice for you, yaaravathu vuyirukku poraadittu irukum pothu avangala ambulancela aethanumae thavira trainla aethakoodathu, ok!

Niraiya Simbu scenes paarkum pothu, school la fancy dress competition paarkara feeling varuthu. Thambi, nee SuperStar fan thaan, athukkunnu ipadiya.....

Intha padathula intha scene ethukku varuthunnu yaaravathu explain pannugalaen, please! but definetly it made me laugh.

Namma TR tamila ethugai monnai use panna namma Simbu Englishla rhyming use panna idathula, "Karadiukku poranthathu kaalai aagumma" nnu prove panni irukaaru.

Got to mention this dialogue here,

"Just bcoz you are white,
It's not everything you say is right!
You wanna bring Beer,
For me my land and people are very dear!
I'll fight you all without any fear,
Am I clear!"
Ada ada ada, kavithai kavithai!

"Chandramukhi" padam namma voorla hit aanathukku karanum, telugula ketta vaarthai paesanathunala, apadinnu namma director ninachutaara, athanala sentimentukaaga, Yuvaraniyai telugula paesa vechutaaru. Director sir, antha padathula niraiya nalla vishayangalum irunthuchu.

Prabhu plays a major role in this movie.Athukku maela enna solrathunnu theriyellai!
I pity Santhanam, Lollu sabhala he is hero, inga he is zero!
They could've used him better in this movie, seri antha vaelaiyai namma Simbhu paarkum pothu, Santhanam enna pannuvaaru!

Mothathil intha padathai pathi voraey variyila sollanumna.......................
"Enna Kodumai sir, ithu!"

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mother's Day Gift!

Mother's Day Gifts:
Father : Don't blame the mother(ur wife) for your kids mistakes, talk to her and listen to her.
Children : Try not to make any mistakes, even if you did she'll forgive you when you "Sorry, ma!"
Mother-in-law: Don't blame your DIL for your grandkids health, don't even point it out to her, that they are sick.
Daughter-in-law : Don't blame your MIL for her Son's mistakes .
With a single flower, and wishing her "Happy Mother's Day! " will make her the most happiest woman in the whole wide world.

FYI: She'll even cook all your favourite items today without complaining. Trust me, it works!


"Potruvaar porpathum thootruvaar thoorpathum pogatum kannanukae", is a saying in Bhagavad Gita.
This perfectly fits to the motherhood. When your kid excels in a field, people will appreciate the mother, when they fail in their health or behaviour people will point the mother alone. Let me ask, what is the part of father here?
Is he one of the person in the jury or he is a part of the family?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pirivom Santhipom

After our Director Visu, Director Karu.Palaniappan, really got the guts to take a family oriented film which can be seen with our family.
In that way, Pirivom Santhipom is great.

The story focusses on lonely Sneha, who always wanted to be in group, gets married to Cheran, who has a BIG joint family, and its obvious that he expects privacy for being with his wife.Ipo kathai purinjirukumae, anga thaan prechanai aarambam aaguthu.

Epavumae tamil cinemala, santhoshamana voru family iruntha....... antha veetula vaelai saiyaravanga, "intha veetukku periya thirushti poosinikka suthi thaan podanum" apadi sonna adutha scenela, vonnu antha veetu head mandaiyai potuduvaaru, illaina veetukku vantha marumaga thagaraar panni kudumbathai piripaanga, intha sothapal ellam illamalayum voru kathaiyai swarasiyama kondu poga mudiyum apadinnu nirubichirukaru namma director. He also gives us unexpected shocks, which can be recovered in few minutes.

While watching many scenes, we (Married people) may have a chance to search for a hidden camera in our house, they exactly duplicates our life incidents, esp., in one particular scene, after Cheran comes home from his office, Sneha, gives him coffee and tells him about her day, he just nods his head without even listening to her, with "mmm" and watches TV, after she finishes he claps watching TV. Sneha, don't worry sweetie, you are not alone, kalyanam aana ellarukum antha problem vundu, as days goes on, you'll get used to it or you'll start writing blogs ;)

If husband never notices us, it doesn't mean he doesn't love us, athaiyum intha padathula eduthu solli irukaanga. Summa solla koodathu, thaniya veetula voru ponnu irunthaa ennanellam seiva, apadingarathai theliva Director kanmichirukaaru, anubavam pola.

Enakku voru vishaym intha padathula puriyellai, in one particular scene, they say that Sneha knows everything, she is interested in reading, and embroidery, then why can't she do that when she is alone. Namma voorla thanimai vaatuthunna there are so many options, tuition edukalam, vaelaikku polam, ipadi sollikitae pogalam. This story would be more appropriate for Indian house wives in abroad, let me tell you all. If loneliness hits you, you got lots and lots of options in this world, sontha voorna vaelaikku polam, veliyur na, you got internet, find it as a good oppurtunity to learn something,. athai vittutu, voorukku ponum voorga podanum, family voda thaan irukanum, apadi sonna vaelaikku aagathu.Namma husband careerkkum help pannanum.

Seri athai vidunga, namma kathaikku varuvom, padam romba nalla irukku. Sneha is so pretty and homely, nalla adakamma sirichirukaanga, got to mention that, aenna Parthiban kanavu Sathya paarthavangalukku puriyum. Cheran is good in expressions.Jeyaram is a good Doctor. Vinothini is a good neighbour. Ipadi padam bore illama nalla poguthu.

Mothathila Pirivom Santhipom is a good family movie, meant mainly for entertainment and relaxation.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My daughter loves, "Ariel, the mermaid". She got everything with its picture, including her new sippy cup. One day, she was very stubborn not eating anything. My husband asked her, " kuttyma, appa vunakku Ariel juice tharatumma?". She immediately turned to me and started laughing, by repeating, "Ariel juice" we both didn't understand the reason for her laugh, I asked her, "aemma sirikara?", for that my 2 1/2 year old said, "Ariel is fish".

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


After my marriage, within a year, I guess every girl wants to visit her parents house often, naanum adhukku vidhi vilakku illa.My husband had a task to do in Russia for just 3 months, so he said, he cannot take me with him and if you want you can go to your parents place.I was happy, my parents visited me after attending a marriage in Chennai.I told my Mom about the trip, she said,"ok!" and she continued her chat with my aunts.
I thought my father will be very happy to hear that.He was watching Television, when I told him the news, he said the same thing, and continued, I was wondering why they didn't show any excitement as I did, voru valei naanum avar kooda poga mudiyellayaennu varuthamo apadinnu ninachuttu engappa kitta, "Aen Daddy, naan voorukku varatha ninachu varutha padureengala" nnu jokea kaettaen.For that he said, "cha cha! ennada, antha moonu maasam, avaravathu santhoshama irupaarunnu ninaikum pothu, ithu vonnum periya kashtam illa".

Enakku thevathaan.

Gnabagam Varuthae.....

I love to sing, (no matter how horrible it sounds) or listen to songs, esp., while doing my chores.One day there was power failure in our place, my Mom asked me to clean my tables and cupboards.I thought it would be better if I sing my favourite song while cleaning. My grandma was sitting in her bed chanting "kandashashti Kavasam" I don't want to disturb her.So I sang mildly, that I can only hear.

Suddenly, I saw my Grandma going to the window, she saw the dog's cage( that's parellel to our room) and came back.She did that repeatedly.I was wondering what was wrong.I asked her.

She told me, "Ennannu theriyellai konja naerama Rosy(our dog) azhuthuttae irukku".I said, I didn't hear anything.She told me, now it stopped.May be I'll watch the next time,I told her.

Again, I started to sing my song, then she immediately turned to me and said, "Ipo kaetkuttha, Rosy azhuvuthu". I told her, "Athu Rosy illai naan thaan" she didn't speak a word, but she told me sometimes Rosy will sound like human, as if it was enchanted.My mom laughed after hearing that.
It happened a long time ago(more than 5 yrs), my grandma passed away so did Rosy.After coming to US, I called my Mom one day.She told me, "Ipo thaan naanum, vunga chithappa ponnum vunnai pathi paesitirunthom" I was happy my Mom is missing me.I was glad to hear the reason, I asked her, why? She told me, "Tuffy(another dog) was howling, athaan".
Enna kodumai Aandavaraey ithu!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yaavarum Nalam

Yaavarum Nalam, ithu voru aarbaatam illatha "Paei padam". Unlike all other horror movies there's no much violence in it. Chumma cakela irunthu viral varathu, face wash pannum bothu, peel off mask potta maathiri skin peel aavarathu ithu ellam illama etharthamana thigil movie.Athey mathiri nachunu voru short flashback.Should appreciate the screenplay.Music is good, esp., I liked the "Yaavarum Nalam" serial song, it has the perfect serial touch and pleasant to hear.

The movie maintains the thrill from the beginning till the end.It makes you sit on the edges of the seat, never relaxed.

Madhavan is superb in this movie.He acts so perfectly.The way he gets panicked for every scene in the serial, is shown beautifully. Saranya has done a very good job as a good mom and a wonderful mother-in-law. Serial paarkum pothu guest vanthalo illai phone vanthalo, the way she reacts is so natural.Neetu chandravai paarkum bothu anniyama theriyella, aetho pakathu veetu ponnu maathiri romba nalla panni irukaanga.Police Inspector is good with his sense of humour, even if there's no dialogue, he gives good expressions.Got to mention the serial artists, they are excellent in their casual acting, esp., SreeVidya(athaanga namma kolangal Aarthi), she doesn't even need a contact lens to scare us.She had done the climax so beautifully by changing her news reading expression to revenge by staring at us with her "big egg eyes".The only person who still doesn't know how to act is Maadhavan's anni character.She will do a great job as a news reader. She is pretty, but expression less.Luckily, there's much less dialogue for her in this movie. Apart from her, everyone had done a great job, including hammer.They could have used some other weapon for murder instead of hammer, it would've been realistic.You can watch this movie even at night, it doesn't haunt you much, it ends so perfectly.You can have a good night sleep.

For the persons, who mute the TV while watching horror movies ( including me),well....., it doesn't work here, they shake the camera whenever there is a "thigil".

I'm so glad that directors understood, they can scare the people just with TV mega serials. It's better for the mega serial directors to give the script to ghosts, they direct so perfectly and finishes so beautifully for each and every family. The serials predicts the future too, for example, if a family member is sick, and the doctors say, "we can't tell you, right now". You can simply watch the serial for the next scene and be happy or sad according to the result in the serial.This is great, isn't it?

There are so many things to learn from this movie,
  1. Mega serials are not suitable for men, they start comparing to their family to the serial family.
  2. Suthiyala voru family member adi vaangum bothu yaarum thadukka koodathu, no matter how big your family are ,wait, for your turn.
  3. Madhavan maathiri trima , handsomea, irukanumna, 13 maadi padi aeri ponnavaey pothum, don't use elevators.
  4. You can even learn about different types of hammers.
  5. "Paei padam"na TV kulla irunthu kai varanumnu avasiyam illa, TVla mega serial vanthavaey pothum.....
The list goes on, apadiyae neenga enna intha padathai paarthu kathukiteengannu eluthunga. Mothathil, "Yaavarum Nalam" pretty much "Yaavarukkum Nalam".

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Review of Imaginarium 30-Piece Alphabet & Number Foam Blocks

Originally submitted at Toys R Us

Encourage color, letter and number recognition with this 30-Piece Alphabet and Number Foam Blocks Set featuring colorful foam building blocks with letters, numerals and images with words on six sides. The blocks come packaged in a handy, plastic storage sleeve with a handle for easy transport.

Unbreakable and harmless blocks
By Mom from New Jersey on 1/13/2009
4out of 5
Pros: Colorful, Fun, Durable
Best Uses: Imaginative Play, Young Children
Describe Yourself: First Time Parent, Stay At Home Parent
I bought this product after seeing my 2yrs old daughter playing with her friend's.She really liked it, its fun, she even throws at me for catch after saying the alphabet, it doesn't hurt or make any noise when it falls, doesn't break.So good, she's having fun with it.It would've been much better if the pics of the animals were clear.

My Review of AquaDoodle Doodle Wall Mat

Originally submitted at Toys R Us

The AquaDoodle Doodle Wall Mat lets children can enjoy the fun of doodling on the walls, and parents can enjoy that it is mess-free! The mat comes with reusable wall adhesive so you can put it almost anywhere in the house. Just like the classic AquaDoodle, use the included water pen to create oodle...

Good for walls and Kids
By Mom from New Jersey on 1/13/2009
4out of 5
Pros: Fun, Glides Smoothly
Best Uses: Art, Fun With Kids
Describe Yourself: Quality Oriented
Primary use: Personal
I bought this product for my daughter to avoid her scribbling on the walls.It's great on wall, she is scribbling on it.I've heard about many persons who lost their pen couldn't use it.That gave me an idea, I left ear buds in small amount of water for few hours, u can leave it over night, then use it, when one side dries u can use the other side, u can soak as many as buds in the water.It's a good substitute for this pen, or u can even fill empty sketch pens just by replacing the colored cotten in the refill with some white cotton.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Varanam Aayiram

Hi Goutham Menon, naan rasigai, naan ithai solliyae aaganum padam romba "humbug", ingae yaarum ithai vida voru humbugaana vungaloda padathai paarthirupaangalannu mchm paarthiruka maatanga, I'm angry with u.

"Mundhinam paarthaenae, paarthathum nondhanae...

Kaevala script aalae en nenjai koithayae

ithanai naalaga ithai thaan eduthaiyo enna thaan yosithaayo naatkalum veenanathae!

Veetukkul vunakku nimathi theataril naan aluvatho

ipothu padathai niruthinaal enna, voor paarka ellarum novatha enna

Thula thattil ipadathai vaithu nigaraga TRai vaithail thula baaram thorkaartho sollu mavanae...."

Epadi "Kaakha kaakha", "Vaetaiyadu vilayadu" intha maathiri padamellam eduthuttu ipadi voru padam edukka vungalukku manasu vanthuthu.
Padam paarka aarambikkum pothae makkal paetchai kaetirukalam,"vaendam ka nondhiduvae" sonna thangachi paechaiyum vittutu, "padam flop aamae," apadinnu sonna kanavar paechaiyum vutharittu, apadi enna thaan irukkunu paartha enakku ithuvum vaenum innamum vaenum.

Epadi epadi, military helicopterla wirelessla msg kedacha vudane, antha kadasiyilae vutkaathirukavaru munadi vanthu thukkam visarikarathai jeeranikka mudiyellai.Ithavathu paravayillai.Embassyla visavukkana reason, "I'm going in search of my girl"nnu sonnvudanae, "impressed", apadinnu 5yrs visa koduthavangala paarkum pothu, USkku padikka pora pasangalukku epadi vayiru eriyum.

Namma Major Sunderarajan kooda cinema suitingkku wifeai kootitu vanthirukka maataru , aana Major Surya military Shootingkku girl friendai kootitu vanthu kaanbikarathu, konjam too much.

Tamil padathula thamilai vida athigama English irukarathu ethanalaennu theriyellai, voru vaelai majority tamil theriyathavanga appadingarathunaalayo.

Namma Merina beachla irukara dhadha kooda Gun vechirupaaru aanal Delhilayae periya dhadha innum kathi sandai thaan poduvaaru apadingarathu padathula kidacha adutha information.

Apadi ipadi padathula naan brahmicha kaatchigal aeraalum.

Vunmaiya enna asathinathu Simran thaan, asusual she rocks.Even she has the funniest dialogue.Appa Surya, Krishnanukku, throat cancernu diagonise panniduvaanga, apo namma Simran avanga ponnukittae thirumbhi, "Smoke pannina heartkku problemnu ninechaen cancer varumnu ethirpaarkalai" ,duh....!!! what difference is that going to make.

Suryavoda hardworkingai innum nalla utilise panni irukalaamnu thonuthu.
Hats off to HarrisJeyaraj, the songs are great.
Ellathileyaum concentrate pannina Director konjam story kondu pona vithathilum concentrate panni irukalaam.
Mothathilae "Varanam Aayiram" selavu aayiram.

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