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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mother's Day Gift!

Mother's Day Gifts:
Father : Don't blame the mother(ur wife) for your kids mistakes, talk to her and listen to her.
Children : Try not to make any mistakes, even if you did she'll forgive you when you "Sorry, ma!"
Mother-in-law: Don't blame your DIL for your grandkids health, don't even point it out to her, that they are sick.
Daughter-in-law : Don't blame your MIL for her Son's mistakes .
With a single flower, and wishing her "Happy Mother's Day! " will make her the most happiest woman in the whole wide world.

FYI: She'll even cook all your favourite items today without complaining. Trust me, it works!


"Potruvaar porpathum thootruvaar thoorpathum pogatum kannanukae", is a saying in Bhagavad Gita.
This perfectly fits to the motherhood. When your kid excels in a field, people will appreciate the mother, when they fail in their health or behaviour people will point the mother alone. Let me ask, what is the part of father here?
Is he one of the person in the jury or he is a part of the family?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pirivom Santhipom

After our Director Visu, Director Karu.Palaniappan, really got the guts to take a family oriented film which can be seen with our family.
In that way, Pirivom Santhipom is great.

The story focusses on lonely Sneha, who always wanted to be in group, gets married to Cheran, who has a BIG joint family, and its obvious that he expects privacy for being with his wife.Ipo kathai purinjirukumae, anga thaan prechanai aarambam aaguthu.

Epavumae tamil cinemala, santhoshamana voru family iruntha....... antha veetula vaelai saiyaravanga, "intha veetukku periya thirushti poosinikka suthi thaan podanum" apadi sonna adutha scenela, vonnu antha veetu head mandaiyai potuduvaaru, illaina veetukku vantha marumaga thagaraar panni kudumbathai piripaanga, intha sothapal ellam illamalayum voru kathaiyai swarasiyama kondu poga mudiyum apadinnu nirubichirukaru namma director. He also gives us unexpected shocks, which can be recovered in few minutes.

While watching many scenes, we (Married people) may have a chance to search for a hidden camera in our house, they exactly duplicates our life incidents, esp., in one particular scene, after Cheran comes home from his office, Sneha, gives him coffee and tells him about her day, he just nods his head without even listening to her, with "mmm" and watches TV, after she finishes he claps watching TV. Sneha, don't worry sweetie, you are not alone, kalyanam aana ellarukum antha problem vundu, as days goes on, you'll get used to it or you'll start writing blogs ;)

If husband never notices us, it doesn't mean he doesn't love us, athaiyum intha padathula eduthu solli irukaanga. Summa solla koodathu, thaniya veetula voru ponnu irunthaa ennanellam seiva, apadingarathai theliva Director kanmichirukaaru, anubavam pola.

Enakku voru vishaym intha padathula puriyellai, in one particular scene, they say that Sneha knows everything, she is interested in reading, and embroidery, then why can't she do that when she is alone. Namma voorla thanimai vaatuthunna there are so many options, tuition edukalam, vaelaikku polam, ipadi sollikitae pogalam. This story would be more appropriate for Indian house wives in abroad, let me tell you all. If loneliness hits you, you got lots and lots of options in this world, sontha voorna vaelaikku polam, veliyur na, you got internet, find it as a good oppurtunity to learn something,. athai vittutu, voorukku ponum voorga podanum, family voda thaan irukanum, apadi sonna vaelaikku aagathu.Namma husband careerkkum help pannanum.

Seri athai vidunga, namma kathaikku varuvom, padam romba nalla irukku. Sneha is so pretty and homely, nalla adakamma sirichirukaanga, got to mention that, aenna Parthiban kanavu Sathya paarthavangalukku puriyum. Cheran is good in expressions.Jeyaram is a good Doctor. Vinothini is a good neighbour. Ipadi padam bore illama nalla poguthu.

Mothathila Pirivom Santhipom is a good family movie, meant mainly for entertainment and relaxation.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My daughter loves, "Ariel, the mermaid". She got everything with its picture, including her new sippy cup. One day, she was very stubborn not eating anything. My husband asked her, " kuttyma, appa vunakku Ariel juice tharatumma?". She immediately turned to me and started laughing, by repeating, "Ariel juice" we both didn't understand the reason for her laugh, I asked her, "aemma sirikara?", for that my 2 1/2 year old said, "Ariel is fish".
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