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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Self Confidence!

  I recently had my c-section and delivered a beautiful or should I say handsome baby boy. Unfortunately my family could not come over to help me. My friend suggested me a Gujarati lady to help me around. She gave me her no:. I thought I could manage somehow without help and my husband took care of home for three weeks. After he went back to work I tried hard to do stuff all by myself but it was difficult. So one fine day I decided to call the lady.

She came home and I called my friend to help me with the language. Unfortunately the lady spoke only Gujarati and Hindi, except 'no' and 'OK' in English. To my surprise not even numbers. She know only 1-10 in English. Even the word 'Twenty-Five' was too complicated for her. I have to say '2' and '5' separately for $25.

She comes with her Sister-in-law to work. Since she comes along with her I thought she is helping her around with the language problem ofcourse she does, she is her chat partner. She sits there in the kitchen and while the other lady works. She doesn't even help her. That doesn't mean she is a 'mean' SIL, but a very business calculative people. Because for an hour it's $10 and if she helps her around she can complete the work within half-an-hour. Impressed!!!

U all know from my other post I don't speak Hindi. I can understand though! The funniest thing about me is I can read and write hindi very clearly because I have completed my Prathmic in 5th Std. Yes!

She came for the first time and understood I don't speak hindi  and to my surprise she told me, "I'll teach you hindi so u won't have any problems". It's kind of funny because she is in USA where people don't speak hindi, she doesn't know a word in English now she wants me to learn hindi to communicate with her. She must've understood those with the look I gave her so after 5 mins she told me "I'll teach u hindi and u teach me English". I said, 'Ok!'. She cooked and cleaned the whole place. She is so confident about her food, she said me not to worry about anything and leave the cooking to her. Believe it or not I understand the whole thing she spoke in hindi. I asked her to make Chappathi and Chenna.

As soon as she started, I couldn't resist it. The whole house is filled with the aroma of her cooking. She asked me to taste it. I loved it. The food spoke for her. No wonder she is so confident about her work. Without knowing a word in English, she is working in more than 3 houses in my neighborhood. After tasting her food and seeing her work I would definetly recommend to my friends around here. Now this I would call 'Self-Confidence'.

P.S., Now I'm communicating with her thru 'Google:Translate'. Trust me it works.  

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