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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pathinaaru - Tamil Movie

Life is getting busy for me these days. So no time for movies like before. After such a long time I saw the movie 'Pathinaaru'. That lead to the following review.

'Pathinaaru' is written and directed by D. Sabapathy and produced by A. Sivasankar. Hero of this movie, 'Mirchi' Shiva. As soon as I saw his name I was excited that it would be funny like  'Tamil Padam'. But R-ambam warned me in the beginning, "don't even think about it, it's no way closer to that movie". Seri apadi enna thaan irukkunnu started to watch that movie.

Ipo kathai ennana, asusual parents protesting the young lovers. When the couple gets ready to elope, heroine's mommy gives them a novel to read. Anga thaan flashback, how the story of young lovers turned into tragedy. The new couple are least bothered about the story but things get serious when the heroine knows that novel is the real story of her father's. Her father gives some advices about love. The heroine than gets ready to go to Australia for her higher studies even though she didnot finish her UG. The hero gets frustrated and tries to find out what exactly happened to her father's love. Then there is the climax.

A good usual message for the teenagers. Love doesn't go wrong when you pay more attention to your career and life. Surukama sollanumna, "Duty first Beauty next!".

 Story starts beautifully and ends beautifully. A wonderful screenplay and a good direction. Heroine 'Madhu Shalini' is looking cute but she thinks before her act. Each time she takes a big pause before the next scene. Shiva is good but it takes a little time to see him as a serious actor. Abhishek is well trained artist and his performance is good. This time the actress who plays a role of Abhishek's wife is better. I still don't know her name, I've seen her in lot of movies with 'no acting'. She is good looking, so she is perfect for the role of Heroine's Mom.

'Vinitha' who plays the role of young Ilavarasi has done a remarkable performance. Even though 'Kishore kumar' the young Gopi didnot have much things to do in the film he had done his best. Pandi as  'Sakkarai', proves himself as a good character artist.  Kasthuri in cameo appearance. Good to see her after a long time. The two kids who plays the role of Little Gopi and Little Ilavarasi has done a very good job. Especially I like when little Gopi  runs away from school crying, he is co cute.The choice on choosing the actors are very good.

The explanation for the title is also neat.

Yuvan Shankar Raja has done a good job in music.

Mothathil intha padam ellarum kudumbathoda votkarnthu paarkalam.

Padam paathavangalukku voru question :  They may give thousands of explanation for this, but Ilavarasi accepted to marry Sakkarai in the end. Apadi irukkum pothu Gopikku guilty feeling vara koodathu thaanae ? Suspense vodaikaama pathil sollunga.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Head Of a Woman - Picasso!

Head of a Woman - Picasso
Inspired by the work of Picasso I gave a try on the painting with color pencils!
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