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Friday, August 13, 2010

Boycott Sri Lanka!

            I know the title sounds a bit 'terror' wait until you finish this blog, it's really a 'horror'.

            On July 3rd to 5th, We went to the Tamil Convention, FeTNA in Connecticut. It was awesome. Everyone who gave a speech mentioned about the 'Tamil Eelam' problem in Sri Lanka. Tamilians speaking about saving Tamilians is a known fact. It was a slap on my face only when Americans spoke about this problem. To my surprise, they are 'requesting' us to "Boycott" just by selling $1 Bumper Stickers , $10 T-Shirts and free post cards for this process.

            The speeches were given by,
             Dr. Francis Boyle
             Dr. Adele Barker and
             Dr. Ellyn Shander.

            The following link leads to their speeches.
     I was ashamed. When they can do that, I wanted to do something. So I thought of spreading a word about this. That word is "Boycott". It's enough for us to stop buying the products 'Made from Sri Lanka'. I don't think that's difficult or is it?.

            If you are living in USA, you must have come across the following stores:

  • MACY'S
  • GAP
  • Abercrombie & Fitch
  • KOHL'S
  • LiZ claiborne
  • Limited Brands
While you are shopping in those stores kindly look for the label. If it read, 'Made in Sri Lanka' please choose another one.
      I believe that one step can lead to another. We can save our people.
For more details, kindly visit,

Thursday, August 5, 2010

India's National Language ?!?

For all these years I used to think "Hindi is our National Language(In India)", that was they taught us in school too.
Since I'm from Tamil Nadu, we are not insisted much to speak in Hindi. But when I went to Bangalore for my College Project,  it became an issue. People started to ask about it. Some even tease ( Whether they know it or not) by saying, "How come you don't know your National Language?". I felt insulted.
Whether there are people to help or not, but I am sure there are people to insult.
In my daughter's dance class, parents are compelled to stay there while the child attends the class.
Parents are requested to sit in the visitor's room.
Most of the parents are from North India. Hindi is the common language among them. I do not want to go through this trouble again, so I used to read a novel while others chat.
Yesterday, it was different. Since the summer classes are going to be over, we were discussing about the regular classes. At that time we were talking in English and one mother asked me my mother tongue. I told her. Then, we started to talk about each others mother tongue. Guess what,  I discovered that there are people in North India who doesn't know hindi.
I was really surprised and thanked the mom who told me that she learned hindi only few years back. Another Mom came forward and said, "if you want I can teach you". After all these years as soon as I heard that, I immediately said, "Yes. Thank You".
I told this to my husband, who thought I wanted to learn Hindi only to watch "Hindi Movies!". I was excited and told him, "So finally now I can learn my National Language".
He was shocked, he asked me, "What? Who told you that Hindi is your National Language?".
I said proudly, "My school text book, my teachers. I listen to my teachers you know."
My husband said, "May be. But it is not". Now, I was shocked. I told him, "I'm 100% sure. Wait until I'll GOOGLE and tell you" and to my surprise I found out this link,
My husband after hearing the above story (above the link) told me, "the next time if somebody insults you for not knowing the 'National Language', tell them that India doesn't have any National Language and it is just one of the official languages in addition to English. Since you know English you need not worry about Hindi."

Now,  I take this 'post' as an opportunity to tell all the people who insults and got insulted not to worry about it.

P.S: "Shock Tamil Movie" a vida athiga shock intha blog thaannu naan ninaikiraen ;)
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