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Friday, August 13, 2010

Boycott Sri Lanka!

            I know the title sounds a bit 'terror' wait until you finish this blog, it's really a 'horror'.

            On July 3rd to 5th, We went to the Tamil Convention, FeTNA in Connecticut. It was awesome. Everyone who gave a speech mentioned about the 'Tamil Eelam' problem in Sri Lanka. Tamilians speaking about saving Tamilians is a known fact. It was a slap on my face only when Americans spoke about this problem. To my surprise, they are 'requesting' us to "Boycott" just by selling $1 Bumper Stickers , $10 T-Shirts and free post cards for this process.

            The speeches were given by,
             Dr. Francis Boyle
             Dr. Adele Barker and
             Dr. Ellyn Shander.

            The following link leads to their speeches.
     I was ashamed. When they can do that, I wanted to do something. So I thought of spreading a word about this. That word is "Boycott". It's enough for us to stop buying the products 'Made from Sri Lanka'. I don't think that's difficult or is it?.

            If you are living in USA, you must have come across the following stores:

  • MACY'S
  • GAP
  • Abercrombie & Fitch
  • KOHL'S
  • LiZ claiborne
  • Limited Brands
While you are shopping in those stores kindly look for the label. If it read, 'Made in Sri Lanka' please choose another one.
      I believe that one step can lead to another. We can save our people.
For more details, kindly visit,


WhoamI said...

Thanks for sharing info about FETNA. I will defenitely look for labels next time when i buy something.

Kirukalgal said...

@WhoamI: Thanks for your comments!

R-ambam said...

sure will look for labels..
Nice videos .. makkal karuthu is cool :)

Kirukalgal said...

@ R-ambam: Thanks for your comments and watching 'makkal karuthu' :P

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