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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


After my marriage, within a year, I guess every girl wants to visit her parents house often, naanum adhukku vidhi vilakku illa.My husband had a task to do in Russia for just 3 months, so he said, he cannot take me with him and if you want you can go to your parents place.I was happy, my parents visited me after attending a marriage in Chennai.I told my Mom about the trip, she said,"ok!" and she continued her chat with my aunts.
I thought my father will be very happy to hear that.He was watching Television, when I told him the news, he said the same thing, and continued, I was wondering why they didn't show any excitement as I did, voru valei naanum avar kooda poga mudiyellayaennu varuthamo apadinnu ninachuttu engappa kitta, "Aen Daddy, naan voorukku varatha ninachu varutha padureengala" nnu jokea kaettaen.For that he said, "cha cha! ennada, antha moonu maasam, avaravathu santhoshama irupaarunnu ninaikum pothu, ithu vonnum periya kashtam illa".

Enakku thevathaan.

Gnabagam Varuthae.....

I love to sing, (no matter how horrible it sounds) or listen to songs, esp., while doing my chores.One day there was power failure in our place, my Mom asked me to clean my tables and cupboards.I thought it would be better if I sing my favourite song while cleaning. My grandma was sitting in her bed chanting "kandashashti Kavasam" I don't want to disturb her.So I sang mildly, that I can only hear.

Suddenly, I saw my Grandma going to the window, she saw the dog's cage( that's parellel to our room) and came back.She did that repeatedly.I was wondering what was wrong.I asked her.

She told me, "Ennannu theriyellai konja naerama Rosy(our dog) azhuthuttae irukku".I said, I didn't hear anything.She told me, now it stopped.May be I'll watch the next time,I told her.

Again, I started to sing my song, then she immediately turned to me and said, "Ipo kaetkuttha, Rosy azhuvuthu". I told her, "Athu Rosy illai naan thaan" she didn't speak a word, but she told me sometimes Rosy will sound like human, as if it was enchanted.My mom laughed after hearing that.
It happened a long time ago(more than 5 yrs), my grandma passed away so did Rosy.After coming to US, I called my Mom one day.She told me, "Ipo thaan naanum, vunga chithappa ponnum vunnai pathi paesitirunthom" I was happy my Mom is missing me.I was glad to hear the reason, I asked her, why? She told me, "Tuffy(another dog) was howling, athaan".
Enna kodumai Aandavaraey ithu!!!!!!!!!!
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