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Saturday, April 21, 2012

No peeking!

Thank you all for making me reach my 50th post.

I'm so glad that this is about my little girl, who surprises me everyday with her innovative 'good ideas' (that's how she'll start her conversation)

My five year old is ready to read on her own. So I thought I could teach her some simple words so that she can read her 'Dora' book.

Everyday I used to teach her 3 words and will make her write down in her notebook by looking at them. This was going for  a week. One day I thought of giving her a test.
So I taught the same words, which I taught her the previous day to her and made her write those words by looking at them. After that, I got her notebook and gave her a paper.

 I told her, "Kuttyma, ipo nee amma sonna words ezhuthanum, aanal paarkaama ezhuthanum!" She refused.

 I told her again, "Paaru amma vunnakku milk eduthuttu varaen athukullae nee 'This', 'That', 'Was' kku spelling ezhuthanum. Aanal paarkama ezhuthanum".

She said, "Oh no!".

I told her, "U have to!"

I went into the kitchen and got her milk. When I came back.  She was writing the words one above the other. I was puzzled and looked at her. She was closing her eyes while writing. Then I realised, when I said, "Paarkaama ezhuthanum!" she literally took the word for it. I couldn't control my laugh.
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