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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April 1st!

Everywhere someone is celebrating their birthday on this day. When I came to know how much embarrassment it causes to them I stopped paying attention to this long time ago.

I recall one of the incident happened in my college. Which was very funny. My friend who is a very good boy hardly plays prank on anybody decided to pull a prank on my friend on April 1st. My friend immediately said , " hey today is my dad's birthday." It was hard for him to believe. He thought she was fooling him and immediately responded, "oh yeah, he must celebrate his birthday today for having a fool as a daughter." It bothered him so much because she just ignored him after that.

 With guilt he asked me, "hey, do u know when is her dad's birthday ?" I told him,"on April 1st. Why?" Later he narrated the whole thing to me. I burst into laughter and told, "now u are the actual fool for not believing her!" .
I don't think he pulled a prank on anybody after this at least not us.
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