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Monday, September 20, 2010

First Day!

Disney Ariel Backpack
      This day is one of the most important days of my life. My 3yr old daughter is ready for her school. The most expected little separation. She was excited but I was worried. Even though she speaks english, I don't know how she is going to manage in her school . I didn't sleep the night before her school. They had the full day school. It starts from 8:45 a.m. and closes at 2:35 p.m. I was worried a lot. She never had lunch with a stranger and she always came to me when she wants to sleep. I was very much tensed. Even though she was excited she doesn't know that I won't be there. So I started to prepare her before a week. I told her I cannot stay with her in school because I'm a big girl. She said, "Ok! Mommy" but still I was not convinced. What will my little one do without me for the first few months in her school.
   The day came, I woke up early and started to get ready. Prayed God to give her and also me strength for this little separation. I promised my husband I'll be fine and asked him to go to work. We went to school. We were seated in the auditorium, the vice principal gave many instructions and most importantly she asked the parents not to cry. "Experienced people!" I thought to myself. After getting her class room number I met her teacher. The most kind lady shook my girl's hand and gave her a gentle hug, made her sit next to her. She asked me to place her 'backpack' in one of the provided shelf. When I turned around I saw my daughter playing with the toys in the room. I thought may be she feels safe in my presence. I filled out some emergency telephone numbers and address in the given form. I gave it to the teacher , she immediately said you can leave because your daughter is not crying.
  I donot want to leave. I just wanted to make 100% sure that she is ok. I called her, to my surprise she said, "no!". I asked her, "Can amma go home?" she said , "Yes!, bye". I said to myself, "She may feel my absence during her lunch and nap!". I left the class room. I went home and saw the emptiness in my home. I missed her a lot. Thought for a reason to go back to school. Got it!. Went back to school with some of the supplies given in the form. Found her happily having lunch with other children.
This time I was not at all worried instead felt very happy to see the sweet smile on her face.

Now I am worried how to get her back to home ;)


WhoamI said...

Every first is nice and momorable.
First smile, first cry, first day of school...even first worry for our child. School is not only for our kids, its for us too.

Kirukalgal said...

@WhoamI: Well said about it. It's back to school for us.
Thanks for your comments.

Kaveri said...

I am totally moved by your blog. I could recollect my feelings, but Keerthan was only 6 months old. I couldn't stay at work. I came during lunch time. The kids are always fine, it is the parents, who are worried a lot. You will be fine.

Kirukalgal said...

@Kaveri: Thanks for your comments.
You are so right about it.

R-ambam said...

I did the same thing .. made up an excuse carrying a juice sipper and planned to sneak in at 10.40 a.m but I was blocked .The bell rang at 12.30 .. and aah the hugs and smooch .. appa amma both the Happy tears thaan po !I just started a post on the fifth first day at school but u know , its a busy life ;)

Kirukalgal said...

'Juice sipper', same blood!
Thanks for your comments in your 'busy' schedule!

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