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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


NETFLIX is a company that rents us some DVDs via post as well as some movies online.
We actually got a free one month trial through 'Papa John's', a pizza company. We got addicted to pizza as well as NETFLIX. This company not only gives us movie DVDs but it also gives some TV serials. My family, we used to watch some of the Television series in US. They are pretty awesome. Sometimes we miss the continuation because of our vacation. We used to catch up on this NETFLIX.
You may wonder, 'why so many 'build-up' on this company?'. 'Are they giving any sponsorship for this particular blogger?'.
I wish they could but I'm not earning a single cent because of this advertisement. All I got is 'four' free one-month trial on Netflix for my friends.
I thought I could give that to my readers who keeps my blog alive. I could give this opportunity only for people who resides in USA. For those outside USA, I feel terribly sorry to say Netflix doesnot stream.

I appreciate all my readers for spending their valuable time reading my blog. Thank you so much!

For those who want this one month free trial kindly mail me to the following id:

I just need your e-mail id to mail the free trial code and no address or phone number required.

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