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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mother's Day Gift!

Mother's Day Gifts:
Father : Don't blame the mother(ur wife) for your kids mistakes, talk to her and listen to her.
Children : Try not to make any mistakes, even if you did she'll forgive you when you "Sorry, ma!"
Mother-in-law: Don't blame your DIL for your grandkids health, don't even point it out to her, that they are sick.
Daughter-in-law : Don't blame your MIL for her Son's mistakes .
With a single flower, and wishing her "Happy Mother's Day! " will make her the most happiest woman in the whole wide world.

FYI: She'll even cook all your favourite items today without complaining. Trust me, it works!


R-ambam said...

kaekka nalla thaan irukku ...

Kirukalgal said...


Srivats said...

So very true!!Happy Mothers day. I always have the respect for women who balance everything around her. Pranams to the great motherhood!

Kirukalgal said...

Thank you so much, Srivats!

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