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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My daughter loves, "Ariel, the mermaid". She got everything with its picture, including her new sippy cup. One day, she was very stubborn not eating anything. My husband asked her, " kuttyma, appa vunakku Ariel juice tharatumma?". She immediately turned to me and started laughing, by repeating, "Ariel juice" we both didn't understand the reason for her laugh, I asked her, "aemma sirikara?", for that my 2 1/2 year old said, "Ariel is fish".


R-ambam said...

he hee ..! ithu verum trailor thaan !

Kirukalgal said...

Athu ennavo correct thaan!

Srivats said...

avanga arivukku nama onnumey ellai dhaan. Ungey post ellam azhaga erukku chinna chinnadha easy read and lovely

Kirukalgal said...

Athu sollunga, avanga voru vishayathai paarkara paarvai, ipadiyum paarka mudiyumnu ninaikkum pothu, romba aacharyamavum perumaiyavum irukkum.
Thanks for your comments, Srivats!

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