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Sunday, June 14, 2009


"Potruvaar porpathum thootruvaar thoorpathum pogatum kannanukae", is a saying in Bhagavad Gita.
This perfectly fits to the motherhood. When your kid excels in a field, people will appreciate the mother, when they fail in their health or behaviour people will point the mother alone. Let me ask, what is the part of father here?
Is he one of the person in the jury or he is a part of the family?


R-ambam said...

Very nice painting !
Father these days are far better ... children atleast talk to them freely, good post !

Kirukalgal said...

Thank You!

anitha said...

I know your are doing fine.
Don't ever give up...

Srivats said...

well said! sorry asked :)
Engey veetla ellam kozhandha kizha vizhundhaalum amma dhaan poruppu, sariya pathukaradhillainu

Kirukalgal said...

Vunga veetla mattum illai ellar veetulaiyum athu thaanga prechanai!
Thanks for your comments!

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