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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yaavarum Nalam

Yaavarum Nalam, ithu voru aarbaatam illatha "Paei padam". Unlike all other horror movies there's no much violence in it. Chumma cakela irunthu viral varathu, face wash pannum bothu, peel off mask potta maathiri skin peel aavarathu ithu ellam illama etharthamana thigil movie.Athey mathiri nachunu voru short flashback.Should appreciate the screenplay.Music is good, esp., I liked the "Yaavarum Nalam" serial song, it has the perfect serial touch and pleasant to hear.

The movie maintains the thrill from the beginning till the end.It makes you sit on the edges of the seat, never relaxed.

Madhavan is superb in this movie.He acts so perfectly.The way he gets panicked for every scene in the serial, is shown beautifully. Saranya has done a very good job as a good mom and a wonderful mother-in-law. Serial paarkum pothu guest vanthalo illai phone vanthalo, the way she reacts is so natural.Neetu chandravai paarkum bothu anniyama theriyella, aetho pakathu veetu ponnu maathiri romba nalla panni irukaanga.Police Inspector is good with his sense of humour, even if there's no dialogue, he gives good expressions.Got to mention the serial artists, they are excellent in their casual acting, esp., SreeVidya(athaanga namma kolangal Aarthi), she doesn't even need a contact lens to scare us.She had done the climax so beautifully by changing her news reading expression to revenge by staring at us with her "big egg eyes".The only person who still doesn't know how to act is Maadhavan's anni character.She will do a great job as a news reader. She is pretty, but expression less.Luckily, there's much less dialogue for her in this movie. Apart from her, everyone had done a great job, including hammer.They could have used some other weapon for murder instead of hammer, it would've been realistic.You can watch this movie even at night, it doesn't haunt you much, it ends so perfectly.You can have a good night sleep.

For the persons, who mute the TV while watching horror movies ( including me),well....., it doesn't work here, they shake the camera whenever there is a "thigil".

I'm so glad that directors understood, they can scare the people just with TV mega serials. It's better for the mega serial directors to give the script to ghosts, they direct so perfectly and finishes so beautifully for each and every family. The serials predicts the future too, for example, if a family member is sick, and the doctors say, "we can't tell you, right now". You can simply watch the serial for the next scene and be happy or sad according to the result in the serial.This is great, isn't it?

There are so many things to learn from this movie,
  1. Mega serials are not suitable for men, they start comparing to their family to the serial family.
  2. Suthiyala voru family member adi vaangum bothu yaarum thadukka koodathu, no matter how big your family are ,wait, for your turn.
  3. Madhavan maathiri trima , handsomea, irukanumna, 13 maadi padi aeri ponnavaey pothum, don't use elevators.
  4. You can even learn about different types of hammers.
  5. "Paei padam"na TV kulla irunthu kai varanumnu avasiyam illa, TVla mega serial vanthavaey pothum.....
The list goes on, apadiyae neenga enna intha padathai paarthu kathukiteengannu eluthunga. Mothathil, "Yaavarum Nalam" pretty much "Yaavarukkum Nalam".


R-ambam said...

thappu thappa photo eduthuttu paei thaan nnu sollidalaam ;)

R-ambam said...

padam paarthappuram neraiya doubts, aanaa padam paakra varaikkum orey the interesting , so.. padam ok!

Kirukalgal said...

You are absolutely right.I had a lot of doubts why the ghosts have to wait for so many years to take revenge? What happend to others when one is getting hit by the hammer? ipadi adukittae polam, aana padam paarthathuku apuranthaanae thavira, padam paarkumbothu voru chinna question kooda raise aagala, antha vithathula nee sonnathu correct thaan.

Srivats said...

Very good movie I watched it only from middle , though I liked it very much, yes maddy acting rocks, gripping screen play!

Kirukalgal said...

Thank you so much, Srivats!

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