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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Appu's Song

It's time to write about my lil one very naughty and cute, doesn't get scared to express what he thinks or feels.
He is in L.K.G., He is blessed with a good teacher who is very suppportive and admiring in such a way the children are happy in school.

One day, this nice teacher asked my lil one, Appu to sing rhymes in the classroom, immediately he said, "My Mom doesn't want me to sing in the school".

She was fine by the way he told her and passed to the next child, she took them out to the play ground. One boy asked her , "Can I dance?" teacher said , "Yes".

That's it, Appu immediately stood up and started to sing and dance for, "Dandanakka nakka nakka".. teacher was shocked as he was so loud.  Children around him started to dance and sing for the same .  Teacher soon controlled the kids and asked him not to sing that song, he looked at her for a sec and said, "Ok!" and changed the song to "vaata karuvad.." Teacher couldnot control her laugh and has toimmediately take them all back into the classroom before anyone notices..
When I went to pick him up she told me the above story and we both were laughing.

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