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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Paati's Pancake!

         Reading a story at bedtime to my daughter has been a everynight routine in my family. Usually we used to read a story from a book. This time my husband thought of telling our famous, "Paati vadai sutta kathai" story. He is too tired to read a story from a book. The story begins with an unsual twist. In this story our paati is preparing pancakes. Since pancakes are my daughter's favourite. We used to call my daughter 'Kuttyma'. The story begins,

Appa : Once upon a time, there lived a paati, who makes the most delicious pancakes. One day a crow was sitting on a tree watching these pancakes. He was waiting for the right time to take a pancake from the paati.
Kuttyma : (Shocked!!)
Appa : (More interested in her response, continues with more suspense) The crow flew down , took the pancake and went back to his tree.
Kuttyma : So did the paati climbed the tree to get the pancake?
Appa :(Didnot expect this question, replied) No sweetie, how will the paati climb the tree. She is too old. So...
Kuttyma: She can use a ladder to climb the tree
Appa:  Illai kuttyma, the paati didnot get a ladder or the pancake. Now lets go to the story... Apuram....
Kuttyma: Appa wait wait, you don't know the story. Let me tell you what happened. Then the paati brought a ladder. She climbed the tree and got the pancake from the crow. Returned back to her home. The end.
Appa: ?!?


WhoamI said...

nalla velai..paati crow-a gun vachi suttutanga nu ava sollala...
mmh..anyway..nice try.

next time, 'try nila..nila..odi va'..

Kaveri said...

Kids always outsmart

Kaveri said...

Kids always Outsmart.

Kirukalgal said...

@WhoamI: Good Idea!!! Thanks for your comments!!
@Kaveri: Thank U!

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