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Friday, June 18, 2010


After such a long time, I'm back with "Vettaikaran"!
"ssssssss, appa mudiyallai!"

Actually, I stopped seeing Vijay films long time ago. You all know the reason, few actors in Tamil industry can be referred as "Telugu to Tamil" dictionary and Vijay is one of them. I always prefer the original version, but this film is different I started to get forwarded mails teasing this movie, even before its release. I was curious "enna thaan mokka padama irunthaalum ipadiya jananga react panrathunnu".
Padam paarthathukapuram thaan therinjathu, some fwds are true and can be trusted.
While watching this film you will automatically say "dhillupa", "dhoolupa". These are not credits, these are the movies you'll remember for some scenes.Intha rendu padam mattum illai innum "Pudhiya mannargal", "Sivaji", "Saamy" apadinnu aduki kittae pogalaam. Paathi padathula you'll get a feeling voru vaela ithu "Tamil Padam" , "Lollu sabha" maathiriyo nnu.
"Masala padam" apadingarathukku this movie is the best example. I understand Vijay is a GREAT fan of "Super star", avara maathiri nadikka try pannrathu thapu illai athai apadiya copy adicha aetho fancy dress competition paakra maathiri irukku.

I was very happy to see the super villain, "Salim Ghouse" after such a long time. I still cannot forget his role as "Jintha" in "Vetri Vizha", it was the best.In this movie he had done his bestnu thaan sollanum paavam avar enna pannuvaru script apadi.
The actor who acts in the role of "chella", should be mentioned. He had done his best but I think he is from another state, he reacts like he doesn't understand the dialogues in most of the scenes.Enakku voru doubt, enna thaan voruthangalukku swimming theriyalana kooda, thannila vizhuntha try koodava panna maataanga...

Heroine Anushka is pretty. Her role is more like a girl with only looks and ofcourse she does a pretty good job in songs.

Sathyan and Sukumaari kudutha rolea correcta panni irukaanga.
Music director Vijay Antony has done a good job in music.
Vijay imitates pretty much all the Tamil actors.
Mothathil "Vettaikaran" voru "Veshakaaran" .


Kaveri said...

Like your analogy to "Lollu Sabha". Still laughing....

Kirukalgal said...

Thanks a lot, Kaveri!

R-ambam said...

Oh .. Salim Ghose thaan Jinthaa voda paeraa.. ?

u forgot Bhagavathy story with Sathyan.

I was expecting ur comments on the MGR style vettaikaran (cow boy ) costume.
Vaada......... villain will make a good model for Aswini /Tampcol Hair oil.

Kirukalgal said...

Jinthaa voda paera naan wikipediala thaan kandu pidichaen.
Padathoda matha scene paarthathula first scene maranthuduchu.
Well said about villain's hair!
Thanks for your comment!

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